Bayview Cafe Pie Baked for Henry Sielmann Farewell

Henry Sielmann joined SLWSS members Kim Schmitt, Graeme Strathdee and Mike Williamson at the Bayview Cafe on May 11. Henry served as a SLWSS director and managed a photography contest, redesigned the website, and started the ice hut project. He also was an active member of the Jazz Society.

Sheree Davies, proprietor of the Bayview Cafe baked an apple pie for the occasion. A similar tasty pie will be entered into the 1913 Days Pie Competition and Auction. Sheree has selected the SLWSS as her designated partner and we will share in the auction proceeds if she wins. So contribute to the campaign by dropping toonies in the Bayview Cafe jar.

Claims Staked for Land Development in the Watershed

Both the Town of Sylvan Lake and the County of Lacombe have published reports and maps that define the land areas  proposed for future development.

The following map overlays excerpts from two municipal plans on a Google Earth image of the Sylvan Lake watershed.

Land Development Areas in the Sylvan Lake watershed

Note: Click on the link to open the pdf file in another window. You can then save the file om your own computer. Alternatively, right-click on the link and Save the Target to a folder on your computer.

The section of the Lacombe County Area Structure Plan map is extracted from this report (20 MB download).

The section of the Town of Sylvan Lake land use map is extracted from the Growth Strategy (9.5 MB download).