Report on a CFR Chemicals Site Visit

CFR Chemicals has proposed another expansion of the Kuusamo site on Highway 11 in Red Deer County, within the Sylvan Lake watershed. Steve Nerland, VP Operations, provided SLWSS president Graeme Strathdee with a tour of the property on July 31 and explained the current and planned uses for the materials storage and transfer facility.

Another SLWSS letter of concern about CFR Chemicals was sent to the Red Deer County planning office to be noted by the public hearing process in August on the expansion proposal. As the SLWSS does not rank as an adjacent affected landowner, our remarks focus on the general risks to the watershed by onsite or offsite tank spills.

The proposed additional storage tank capacity would be serviced by a new rail spur off the CN main line adjacent to Highway 11. Engineering design options for the site include layouts within an engineered and monitored containment area. To ensure compliance with containment standards, surface and groundwater samples are routinely collected and analyzed by an independent laboratory to detect any release of products stored and transferred by CFR Chemicals.

The Town of Sylvan Lake fire department will continue to provide an emergency response capability in the event of a spill or fire on the site or along the CN transportation corridor through the Town of Sylvan Lake. The company has requested that CN use the next generation of higher integrity and safer tanker cars for transportation of its liquid commodities that are stored and transferred for its oil field customers.

As a Responsible Care company, CFR Chemicals maintains corporate plans, procedures and records to manage onsite risks including those from potential environmental contamination.

VP Steve Nerland, Plant Manager David Oyka, and Manager of Logistics and Customer Service Bob Belsher welcome inquiries about their operations. Click here for their business cards.


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