Blue-Green Algae in the News

Read this editorial by Sylvan Lake News’ Steve Dills:

Warm weather, rising water temperatures perfect for blue-green mess

The Edmonton Journal has been on top of blue-green algae stories too:

Blue-green algae back at Pigeon Lake, Coal Lake too

Five things to know about blue-green algae

Lake health warnings now a rite of summer

Want to keep your favourite Alberta lake pristine? You’ve got to do something yourself

County organizes to protect its lakes

The Sylvan Lake Watershed Stewardship Society, in partnership with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Development and the member municipalities of the Sylvan Lake Management Committee, is monitoring the plant nutrient content in runoff in two tributaries that discharge into Sylvan Lake. In addition, the Alberta Lake Management Society’s LakeWatch team is sampling the lake water three times this summer to determine if the threat from blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) has changed.

Sylvan Lake acts like a bathtub for the watershed basin so everyone should be aware of activities that might release contaminants into the lake in storm water drainage from urban and agricultural land.


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