Golf Course Creek Studied by the Town of Sylvan Lake

On November 12 the new Town of Sylvan Lake council received a report “Marina Bay/Golf Course Creek Study” prepared by Tagish Engineering. Soil and water samples from points in Sylvan Lake, Marina Bay and upstream in the Golf Course Creek catchment were collected and analyzed. The project data show how land use changes in the watershed can affect tributaries that flow into Sylvan Lake. This article in the Sylvan Lake News by Editor Steve Dills provides a summary of the Tagish Engineering report findings. The overall finding is not surprising that settling of silt in the bay is minimal from sources such as new development construction in the Town of Sylvan Lake and/or annual agricultural practices in Red Deer County. Wetlands and ponds on Sylvan Lake Golf and Country Club property provide upstream locations for any suspended particles to settle before Golf Course Creek flow reaches Marina Bay.

The community remembers that Marina Bay exists because the natural protective wetland delta that once existed at the outlet of Golf Course Creek was excavated to create the reclaimed landfill area on which the Marina Bay development was built.

The two Laws of Watersheds apply in this case: (1) water flows downhill and (2) stuff from the land will end up in the lake. Nature trumps complaints of this type. Some Sylvan Lake citizens and taxpayers liked the original wetland the way it was. So did Sylvan Lake.

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