Sylvan Lake Watershed Treatment Model – Test Run

The Watershed Treatment Model (WTM) template has now been filled with data for the Sylvan Lake case as the first step in evaluating the application. Staff at ESRD compiled and edited GIS water quality and tributary data to create watershed maps, and applied expert knowledge and judgement on other input variables to insert numerical data into the setup tables.

The first draft of the Sylvan Lake WTM (1 MB .xls file) illustrates the scope of those tasks. This version should not be used to support decision-making as all the data for the model setup must still be reviewed. However, the file demonstrates how the selected indicators can be used to test the effects of future land use changes on nutrient transport into Sylvan Lake.

The WTM users guide and the WTM Documentation may be downloaded from the website of the Center for Watershed Protection. The documentation explains all the calculations that are embedded in the worksheets, the assumptions used, and the assumed values that are applied.

Five customized ESRD maps illustrate the scope of geographic information that is some of the graphical and numerical prerequisite input for the WTM analyses:

Refer to the website of the Center for Watershed Protection for more background and additional downloadable files on basic modeling tools that are useful for consolidating information and analyzing the consequences of land use changes.


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