Zebra Mussel Alert

Chronology of Events:

2013-07-18: Steve Dills publishes the front page article “Potential for disastrous mussels arriving at Sylvan Lake a factor in launch decision” in the Sylvan Lake News.

2013-06-27: Red Deer County hosts a well-attended training session on Inspection and Decontamination of Watercraft presented by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. View this web page.

2013-06-18: SLWSS states concern about invasive species and informal boat launches to the Alberta Minister of Transportation.

2013-05-30 SLN: Lacombe County wants to explore alternatives to the action proposed by Red Deer County for limiting Sylvan Lake access on Range Road (RR) 21.

2013-05-09 SLN: Red Deer County has submitted a proposal to the Minister of Transportation seeking agreement with its recommended action on RR 21 use at the Sylvan Lake shore.

2013-03-07 SLN: Red Deer County deferred a decision on the closure of Range Road 21 as a point of lake access.

2013-02-28 SLN: The SLWSS presented the Watershed Society’s position on the public hearing on the draft bylaw that recommends controlling access to Sylvan Lake on RR21.

2013-02-15: Lake access continues to be a key goal for Lacombe County to implement its Area Structure Plan as reported by Steve Dills in the Sylvan Lake News (SLN).

Background on Zebra Mussel and Other Invasive Species Threats to Alberta Water Bodies

The Central Alberta Recreational Lake Forum convened on May 4 2013 at Lac Ste. Anne and heard a presentation by Kate Wilson of AESRD on the status of invasive species initiative in Alberta. Other reports are posted for download on the CARL website.

Zebra mussels are spreading westward and northward across the continent and Alberta Environment is mobilizing to stop them. Watch this page for more information.

Read this article for tips on how to prevent aquatic hitchhikers.

This is serious. If zebra mussels become established in Sylvan Lake then the lake as we know it will be history. Real estate experience has shown that property values will plummet by 30% if water bodies are colonized.

Zebra mussels will arrive on water craft that have previously been used elsewhere in contaminated lakes and rivers. So hulls, engines, bilges and ski-boat bladders must be decontaminated before launching in Sylvan Lake.

A zebra mussel infestation will spread rapidly and be worse than blue-green algae blooms because there is no solution to eliminate established colonies.

View this presentation on the threat of zebra mussels:


The Alberta Invasive Plants Council 2013 conference will meet in Lacombe in April. See the event poster here.

The Alberta Invasive Plants Council website is: https://www.invasiveplants.ab.ca/

The Fisheries and Oceans Canada survey on invasive species is open for comment until April 30, 2013:


Spread the Message-Not the Mussels

Boat Ramp Sign-Mini

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