Lake Water Level Notice

The Sylvan Lake Management Committee published this notice in the July 19 2012 edition of the Sylvan Lake News.

Mayors and Councillors of the watershed municipalities have been confronted on the subject by concerned citizens looking for answers. The SLN information item attempts to provide some facts. Here is the text of the notice:

Sylvan Lake Water Level Management-What You Need to Know!
Sylvan Lake water levels remain high this year, and current levels are impacting important environmental and recreation areas that serve the central Alberta region. Shoreline erosion has also affected waterfront property owners.
The Sylvan Lake Management Committee, comprised of federal, provincial and local government representatives, are researching options and solutions to reduce the negative impacts associated with fluctuating water levels.

Here are some facts about Sylvan Lake that you need to know!

  • Sylvan Lake is a natural water body that receives inflow from precipitation, surface water and groundwater, which aids in maintaining good water quality and clarity.
  • Most water loss on Sylvan Lake’s large surface area (42 sq kilometers) is due to evaporation. A combination of hot, dry & windy days creates the greatest evaporation, which lowers lake levels.
  • The lake’s deepest point is 18 meters, making it deeper than ‘other local lakes such as Pigeon, Buffalo and Gull Lakes.
  • As of 2011, the highest recorded water level in 60 years was in August 2011 at 937.31 m.
  • The Lake has a fish bearing outlet that flows south easterly to Cygnet Lake through the Cygnet Lake Drainage District and ultimately into the Red Deer River.
  • Sylvan Lake is a popular sport fishing destination for Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Whitefish. Both Federal & Provincial regulations require that fish habitat be protected.

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