Be a Watershed Expert

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has produced a comprehensive distance-study course for anyone who wants to learn about watershed fundamentals. The details are described on this introductory web page.

Investigate the scope of the course content here. Case histories from other watersheds in the USA provide ideas that can be applied to the Sylvan Lake environment.

The SLWSS Watershed Protection Library also provides easy access to Alberta laws and regulations and many reports that are the knowledge base for the Sylvan Lake watershed. You can either view the documents online, or download them to your own computer.

To get started, read about the principles of watershed management. Then check your own knowledge of the subject with this test: Self-Test Principles of Watershed Management-USEPA-WAW.

The US EPA also offers an online planning tool to help stewardship organizations and local governments develop detailed plans for watershed management. The full “Handbook for Developing Watershed Plans to Restore and Protect Our Waters” (14 MB) can be downloaded by clicking here. Individual chapters may be selected from the Table of Contents.

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