Free Homesite Consultation for a Healthy Sylvan Lake Shoreline.

News Flash, June 21, 2012:

Steve Dills, editor, Sylvan Lake News reports on the Living by Water program for 2012.

Free homesite consultation for a healthy Sylvan Lake shoreline.

The Sylvan Lake Watershed Stewardship Society (SLWSS) is helping recruit 18 to 24 lakefront (or back lot) property owners to participate in Nature Alberta’s “Living by Water Project”. The Homesite Consultation Program focuses on the relationship between natural shorelines and shoreline communities by ensuring residents have the knowledge and tools necessary to understand their effect on fisheries, habitat, wildlife and water quality in their community.

Learn how to inspect your lake buffer zone, home and structures, landscaping and watercraft.

Shoreline Advisor Marissa Gutsch will be in Sylvan Lake on July 5 -7 and July 12-14. Your property review will use the Nature Alberta master checklist. Site surveys take about 1-2 hours per property. ALL INFORMATION IS CONFIDENTIAL.

Learn more at:

Volunteer to be a leader in Lake Stewardship on your section of shoreline…. It’s free, easy (and confidential)!


Jesse Hitchcock at Nature Alberta Tel.: 780.427.8124 or email:

Steven Johnson at SLWSS Tel.: 403.748.4700

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