Bayview Cafe’s Blue Pie Wins for the SLWSS

Sheree Davies, owner of the Bayview Cafe, baked the winning Bayview Blue pie that was auctioned off for $364 at the 1913 Days event held on the Cobbs parking lot on Saturday June 12.

Funds donated by Bayview customers were closely held by Joe Gathercole until the Bayview Blue pie was on the block. Joe outbid Steven Johnson (SLWSS past president, director, and pie eater) and others to  win the day for the SLWSS. According to the auction rule, the Society shares in half the proceeds (about $500) from all the auction sales as Bayview Cafe’s designated community group.

Here are some photos from the event:

At a ceremony on June 21, SLWSS President Graeme accepted a cheque for $524 from Giselle Campbell of the Family Education Program of the Sylvan Lake and Area Community Partners Association while the Bayview Blue pie-baker Morgan Gathercole looks on:

Photo courtesy of Editor Steve Dills of the Sylvan Lake News.

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