Cumulative Effects Management of the Watershed

Stewardship groups, governments and regulatory agencies all have roles to play in the long-term management of watersheds. Watersheds are complex systems as described in State of the Watershed reports. Obviously many factors must be considered when making decisions about the future.

Using decision support tools to connect watershed variables and indicators to management goals can help to simplify problems and to identify, rank and select the most important indicators.

The linked presentation explains how the Sylvan Lake Watershed Stewardship Society has applied decision analysis to evaluate goals, set priorities and evaluate the effect of massive population expansions that are proposed in the development plans of the Sylvan Lake watershed municipalities.

This post contains reference material prepared for the Cumulative Effects Management System project which is a joint effort of member municipalities of the Sylvan Lake Management Committee and the Alberta department of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.

The presentation graphics are posted here: Cumulative Effects Project Presentation 2012-05-18.v2

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