Sylvan Lake Water Quality

Sylvan Lake continues to rank in first place among the recreational lakes in Central Alberta because of its high water quality.

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The lake water is sampled and analyzed periodically by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, by the Alberta Lake Management Society (ALMS) and by the SLWSS.

The 2010 Lakewatch report by ALMS is posted here :

The detailed technical study by AXYS Environmental in 2005 “Sylvan Lake Water Quality Assessment and Watershed Management Considerations” is available for download. Note that the file size is 20 MB.

Because the concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorous (N and P) plant nutrients are low in Sylvan Lake, algae growth in the lake is minimal and the lake clarity is high. The details are reported in the Blindman River chapter of the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance master summary of the State of the Watershed.

More technical information on Sylvan Lake water quality is included in this Alberta government report “Water Quality Conditions and Long-Term Trends in Alberta Lakes“. The Sylvan Lake review starts on page 373.

2 Replies to “Sylvan Lake Water Quality”

  1. The first paramount step toward protection of Sylvan Lake’s clear clean water, the mesotrophic, blue green algae free state is for all 8 of the watershed Municipal governments to collectively agree that this is their goal and publically state their intent.

    This strategic decision has not yet been publically documented in any meaningful way.

    Without this important step the actions to avoid or mitigate the foreseeable pollution risk remain ad hoc and esentially unmeasurable. This situation will no doubt severely investment of public dollars toward this otherwise, worthy effort.

    1. I am wondering if the restrictions of Sylvan Creek with all these culverts and the unusually high water in the lake allows the water in the lake to remain longer and may contribute to a somewhat stasis development allowing the possibility of algae bloom. the stripping away of the surrounding forest allows more flow into the lake as fast runoff. Maybe another study of the water quality should be in the offing. Comparing with the AXYS (sp) of 2005 there may be some negative developments occuring. Good work Kim, Steven, Brian, and of course Graeme.

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